Stories That Shape Us: Mark Ursino
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A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to host a live storytelling event at the Patagonia store in downtown Seattle. The theme of the evening was mentorship: we asked four individuals to share their stories of mentorship in outdoor spaces. We really enjoyed the chance to connect in person with some of our listeners, and it was a really fun and powerful experience to hear stories told live. But, if you weren’t able to join us, have no fear! Over the next few weeks we’ll be releasing each speaker’s story as a standalone episode. Whether you’re listening for the first time, or reliving the experience, we hope these stories resonate with you as much they do for us.

Our first speaker in the series is Mark Ursino. Since 2010, Mark Ursino has partnered with Mike Johnson to create and run the “Climbing out of Homelessness” program, which takes promising men and women in substance abuse programs and gives them the opportunity to form a team that trains in the outdoors, ultimately leading to a summit attempt on Mt. Rainier.

This episode is a part of a short series recorded live at a storytelling event focused on mentorship in the outdoors. Thanks to Patagonia Seattle for their support and for hosting this event.


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