Wild Work: Valerie Cleland
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Valerie Cleland is a Knauss Marine Policy Fellow in the United States Senate, where she works to improve the quality of United States legislation concerning our oceans, their ecology, and their adjacent communities. Since she was young, Val has known that she had a passion for protecting the ocean––this past January, after finishing her Master’s degree, she moved to Washington D.C. and got to work. As a member of the Senate Commerce Committee for the Minority, she works to review bills and other legislation for their ability to protect ocean resources, and–in her own words–has learned more in 6 months on the job than in a whole year of grad school. Join us as Val pulls back the curtain on how our government makes effective policies to protect natural resources.


Music in this episode: HOEDOWN by Jason Shaw, Bird on a Wire by Snake Oil Salesmen

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