Wild Work: Elma Burnham
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Elma Burnham is a commercial fisherman, passionate seafood advocate, and community builder based in Bellingham, Washington and Bristol Bay, Alaska. In Late 2017, Elma began a movement called “The Strength of the Tides is Hers Also,” which seeks to support, celebrate and empower women working on the water. It all started with “The Pledge,” which challenged deckhands, captains, and others in the fishing industry to hold each other accountable in raising the bar for respect and affirmation of women who work in maritime industries. Strength of The Tides has since grown into a broad and deep community of maritime women via a weekly Instagram series featuring female role models in fishing and through in-person gatherings of women working in the industry. What follows is a fun, wide-ranging, and insightful conversation with a young and passionate community advocate. We hope you enjoy listening.


Music in this episode: HOEDOWN by Jason Shaw, Bird on a Wire by Snake Oil Salesmen

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